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It was a big deal...

1. The Adams house at 142 Poplar Circle. It has been in the same family for several generations. Just to the left of it was the Fladger house and just to the right of it was the Wrighter house. Looks like there is plenty of ivy...
2. The ice house. As mentioned earlier, it was dark and scary, at least in my nine year old mind.
3. Willie Bradford's barber shop at 327 East College Street. Hair cuts were seventy five cents. The shop was air conditioned and that was certainly a novelty in those days. Just to the right of it was Feemster's Market. It was a mom and pop operation. Old man Feemster was as "bald as an ice cube", as my father used to say. Just to the left of the barber shop was the widow's house at the corner of Avery Street and East College Avenue. She never cut the grass in the summer and I can remember it being at least four feet tall. The transformers that were part of the Georgia Power sub-station can be seen to the right of the barber shop.
4. The Georgia Railroad train depot. It certainly did not have much of a waiting room. It might have been primarily a freight depot.
5. Belk-Gallant department store. Used to get my shoes in there. They had a fluoroscope (remember those monstrous things?) so I could look into it and see my toes wiggle. It was a big deal.
6. Scott's drugstore at the corner of N. McDonough and Sycamore Street. I don't recall ever going in there.
7. Public library. There was a huge vacant area, as indicated by the green in the above image, behind it that ran all the way to Trinity Place.
8. Tatum's Drug Store on East Courthouse Square. They had the best selection of comic books in town. They were a dime each.
9. L. D. Adams and Sons (yellow arrow). My mother used to take me in there to get a pair of Red Camel (not Levi's) blue jeans. Red Camels were cheaper than Levi's.
10. Another view of East Courthouse Square. The letter "T" indicates Tatum's Drug Store and the letter "L" indicates L.D. Adams and Sons. I am told that there is a pub now in that space.

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