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More Ipatiev house miscellany.

1. The twenty three steps via which the Romanovs descended that fateful night. The yellow arrow indicates the door to the water closet. This obviously is a very old photo, so one has to look carefully to see that door.
2. Iset Dam. It was across this roadway that the Fiat truck headed out with the Imperial family and the four servants towards the Four Brothers mine. In 1918, the dam powered many of the smelters in Ekaterinburg. The yellow arrow indicates the approximate location of the Ipatiev house.
3. One of the seven chapels currently located at the Four Brothers site. The name "Four Brothers" came from the fact that there were four very large and prominent trees in the area. One of the seven chapels burned to the ground in September of 2010.
4. Ganin's pit at the Four Brothers site. This particular photo, which looks like it was taken from a tree, undoubtedly was part of the Sokolov investigation.
5. The Rastorguev-Kharitonov palace, which was across the street and some one hundred yards north of the Ipatiev house. The palace is currently used as a children's creative center.
6. Bronze statuary of the Imperial family. Artist unknown, at least to me.
7. View of the cellar looking into the storage room, which was directly behind the scene of the massacre. There was a wall that divided those two rooms. That wall was removed and a portion of it is leaning up against the arched window. It would not surprise me if bullet holes could be found in it.

Below, a relatively recent image of Ganin's Pit. Presumably, the memorial is on the exact spot where the victims were first thrown into and then later removed and taken to the Pig's Meadow area.