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Bimini Lane Property Floor Plan.

The three images below are not of the interior of my Bimini Lane property. However, there were any number of houses in the area with the exact same floor plan. The images are from another residence that was for sale in the area that I got off the internet. In my house, the railing in the living room was painted black. There was no tile above the kitchen backsplash and the light fixture was different. Additionally the cabinetry was a little lighter in color. The bathroom tiles in my upstairs bathroom were 4" x 4" white and not the larger tiles that are shown. Also, the towel bar was on the opposite wall. Another person and myself put in the bathroom downstairs.

Below is a photo of my son, not quite a year old, in the back yard of the Bimini Lane property.

Even after all these years, I still have the key to the front door of the Bimini Lane property on my key ring.

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