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Avery Street, May, 2009.

A. Just some ten feet or so west from this tree was another tree. Between those two trees was a hammock that my father installed with a couple of screw hooks. My sense is that those hooks are still buried somewhere inside the bark of those trees.
B. It appears that there is a wooden fence of some sort just behind the chain link fence. The only fence that was there when we were was the fence between 519 and 513. There was no fence whatsoever between 519 and 525.
C. It looks like that the front steps area has been painted recently. Either that or indoor/outdoor carpet has been installed.
D. The mystery has been solved! I could not remember whether or not there was actually a door on the south side of the 513 porch. I remember an entrance on the northern side of that porch.
E. It looks to me that the driveway that my father poured all those years ago has been widened by some 15 inches or so.

The image on this page is courtesy of Mr. James Wiley.

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