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1. Anna Anderson, aka Franziska Schanzkowska, a Polish factory worker. Perhaps the most famous imposter of all. She was a darling of New York high society in the 1920's. Her suit in the German courts to prove her identity lasted over thirty years. She came to America to live permanently and married a history professor at the University of Virginia. There is a girl that I went to high school with who once met Anna.
2. Eugenia Smith, aka Eugenia Drabek Smetisko.
3. Joseph Veres.
4. Heino Tammet, aka Ernest Veerman.
5. One of the wierdest imposters of all was Michael Goleniewski, who claimed to be Alexei and at one time was employed by the CIA. He was born in 1922, some eighteen years after Alexei, who was born in 1904. You tell me!
6. Left to right, Tatiana Botkin, her father Eugene, who was indeed shot along with the Imperial Family, and her brother, Gleb. Both Tatiana and Gleb were very strong proponents of Anna Anderson. But that was in the days when the science of fingerprinting was barely known, (and certainly not admissable in a court of law), and DNA was completely unheard of. Clearly, and on the statistical interpretation of the DNA evidence, I can tell you that no member of the Imperial Family left the Ipatiev house alive. I can tell you further that none of the four servants left that house alive.

Eugenia Smith was the subject of a five page article in the October 18, 1963 issue of Life magazine.