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Just another jughead seventeen year old kid...

1. The last time that I remember seeing this area, the sign in the front yard was not there. I have no idea what the large cubical concrete thing by the front walkway might be.
2. Both these accidents happened less than three blocks from my house.
3. Three views of the cafetorium. Looks to me that all three were photographed from the door in the hallway. The old high school burned down in the spring of 1955. I was in the eighth grade over at Forrest Hills when it happened. So, my first three years at AHS were in the front two wings of the school. The third wing, the gymnasium and the stadium were completed in the summer of 1958. Before that time, the cafeteria doubled as an auditorium. Image 3a is of what was then the stage. When I was there as a senior eating lunch, I sat on the main floor of that room right along with everybody else. In image 3b, the awning over the dish return area was not there in 1959. Image 3c is looking towards the parking lot. That parking lot was all dirt then, that good old Georgia red clay. I guess that it has been paved over by this time.
4. The sign and these small buildings were not there in 1959. I am told that all this is across the street on the baseball field. That particular area was a golf course in 1959. Looks like the sign could use a little work on it.
5. My sister (yellow arrow). I had simply forgotten that she was on the swimming team.
6. An image of yours truly, taken either in the summer of 1955 or 1956. I was off to scout camp that day. The shoes that I have on in this photo were colored blue.