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Still photos from the 1991 movie,

Assassin of the Tsar.

1. Exterior of the house showing the inner palisade. One of the Grand Duchesses is seen sitting next to the front door. For some reason, all four of them liked to hang out in that area.
2. View looking southeast into the drawing room from the northwest corner of same. The partially open door leads into the dining room.
3. Bedroom of the four sisters. They slept on cloaks and pillows. Collectively, they were known as OTMA; "O" for Olga, "T" for Tatiana, "M" for Marie, and "A" for Anastasia. Their bedroom was directly over the room in the cellar.
4. The family and their four servants in the dining room, just before Yurovsky led them down the stairs.
5. The twenty three stairs. When the Imperial Family walked down those stairs that night, they suspected nothing.
6. Inside the cellar, waiting for Yurovsky to bring them two chairs. Alexei Trupp is shown facing the arched window.
7. The regicide.

What strikes me about this set of images is their faithfulness to the original photos taken at the time of the Sergeyev investigation. The only error that I can find is that there was only one light bulb in the cellar and it did not hang from the ceiling, but was affixed to the north wall of the cellar room. I have seen, however, a portion of the film on Youtube and spotted several errors. In life, Yurovsky wore a moustache. In the film, he is shown as clean shaven. In the film, the Fiat truck is shown turning left as it left the courtyard area. The reality is that it turned right onto Vosnesensky Prospeckt and then took the next right onto Vosnesensky Lane. As it turned right, it passed the Popov house as it headed down the hill towards Iset Pond. It then turned left onto Yakova Street on its way to the Four Brothers area.

Below, the 1916 Fiat truck leaving the house on that fateful summer morning. From the 1992 film, The Last Days of the Last Tsar.

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