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The Bimini Lane Property.

Tara revisited.

Clayton County... Home of the fictional Tara of Gone With The Wind fame. The county seat is Jonesboro and there is a Confederate cemetery there. One of the main drags through that area is Tara Boulevard. My children went to Tara Elementary School, which was only some three blocks from Bimini Lane. The property on Bimini Lane was 11966 square feet which works out to be 0.275 acres, at least by my calculations. The house itself was some 1200 square feet. The sale price of the entire package was $14,850.00. The down payment was $500.00 on an FHA deal. The builder told me that if I painted the interior and planted the shrubs that he would cut the down payment in half. I took him up on the offer. The payments on it never ran more that $165.00 per month, including taxes and insurance. It was total electric, so in 1966, I could heat it in the winter and cool it in the summer for $22.00 per month and still have a credit with Georgia Power at the end of each annual billing cycle. Times change. That kind of money today might buy a bathroom and a closet. In any case, the image of the property, which is poor at best, show the front of the house and is looking more or less to the north. Looks to me like the paint job I put on there all those years ago is still there. The mailbox has been moved to the other side of the driveway and at least a portion of the fence in the back yard has been removed.

Below, right was Mr. Thomas's (Mr. "T") house, right next door. He and I were close friends and we used to ride to work together. He has been dead for some years now. Below, left, the hippie house which was right across the street. Mrs. Hippie liked to prance around in her front yard in the summer time in her bikini. I guess she had a hyperactive libido. Below, right, Mrs. Milo's house. She was the next door neighbor on the other side.

Further below, an aerial view of the Bimini Lane property (latitude N33°34'43.3", longitude W84°21'28.9") as indicated by the yellow arrow.

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