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1. Diane Morgan and Ernest Withers. I believe that this photo was taken at the Methodist church.
2. I believe that this is probably Joyce Portwood in the white flowered outfit. To her left is Charles Findley. We were in the band together. He played the drums and I tooted the saxophone. He was a lot better drummer than I was a saxophone player. To his left is Sue Billard. She was an awfully pretty girl fifty years ago and obviously still is today. Looks to me like that this photo was also taken at the church.
3. The library. In 1959, nobody could even imagine the computer revolution of today.
4. I am sure that I have walked down this particular hallway many times. I don't recall whether or not the lockers were blue in 1959.
5. Mark Peters in the blue shirt is leaning up against the wall and Sue McMahan (with the glasses) is to his right. She was a cheerleader. This photo looks like it might have been taken close to the principal's office.
6. Nanette Smith in the dark red shirt is next to the brown door and Carolyn Patton in the blue shirt is to her left. Kit Bell, who was on the football team, is on the far right. My sense is that this photo was taken very close to the entrance of the cafeteria.

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