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1. The gymnasium. In 1959, I dated an AHS girl named Ann Hudson, who was a couple of years younger than I. Of course, every Friday night there was a sock hop in that gymnasium. Ann and I danced the night away and smooched all the way home. At the time, I thought Ann was the greatest thing in the whole wide world since sliced bread. I wonder what ever happened to her.
2. View looking more or less towards the entrance of the gym. The fellow in the yellow shirt and grey pants is Edwin George. The fellow standing to his left and slightly behind him in the green shirt and grey pants is Carroll Ogburn. Directly across the street from the gym was a golf course. I am told that the golf course is no longer there, having been replaced by a housing sub-division.
3. Sue Billard in the middle and Harriet DeLoach on her left. I think that this photo was probably taken at the Avondale Community Center on the lake.
4. Waffle House number one. I used to eat in there from time to time with my own father.
5. Peggy Douglas on the left and Norma Andrews on the right.
6. Eleanor Turner on the left and Margaret Watson. I have no idea where this picure might have been taken.
7. Gail Starling on the left with Bonnie Johnson.
8. Paul Ertel. I thought he was a real nice guy. I once took his sister to a dance. As I recall her name was Marty or Martha. Paul married Gail Bishop, another classmate. I think that later they might have been divorced.
9. Ann Langmuir. I always liked her. She lived right around the corner from us on Dartmouth right across the street from the park and was a very intelligent girl.

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