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Ipatiev house myths.

Any number of theories have arisen over the years about an escape by the Romanovs from the Ipatiev house. One of the theories is the notion of a tunnel. A tunnel coming from the north side would have been impossible by virtue of the carriage house and the sloping "driveway" between the carriage house and the main house. A tunnel coming from the west side would have also impossible because the back yard sloped down the hill towards Lower Iset Pond. A tunnel coming from the south side would been out of the question because it would have to have been started on the Popov property and would have to go under Vosnesensky Lane and into the house. The only reasonable way, if it could even be considered reasonable, would be from the east, as below...

Such a tunnel (as shown be the red line) by the White monarchists would have to be started inside the Ascencion Cathedral, go down a distance of some twelve feet, go underneath Vosnesensky Prospect, a distance of some thirty feet, and finally up and into the house a distance of another six feet or so. Given the fact that the house was surrounded by the Bolsheviks at all times, and given the fact that the Bolsheviks were inside both the Ipatiev house and the Popov house at all times, such a digging scenario seems most unlikely. There is no way that such an operation could be conducted in broad daylight.

Below, an image showing the location of the Ipatiev house in relation to other landmarks in the area.

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